Help Support Almost Home Foundation

Scroll down to see how you can help support Almost Home Foundation with electronics recycling.



Electronics Recycling Fundraiser

An electronics recycling drive in your community can help raise thousands for Almost Home Foundation. 100% of the proceeds from the recycling of these items will help support Almost Home Foundation’s mission.   All data will be securely erased from every device.

Bring your used electronics to the next meeting or event

Come visit us at one of our many local events.  Simply drop off your old smartphone, tablet, mp3 player, camera, video game console or laptop at the next meeting with an organizer to make a valuable donation, without opening your wallet!  Click here for upcoming meetings and events.

Support Almost Home Foundation - Sell to Give

Sell and donate a portion!

Do you have a newer model phone, tablet or handheld electronic device that you are thinking about trading in?  Get the best prices and free shipping labels to sell your device and still make a donation to Almost Home Foundation.  Simply click here to create an account and get started online.

Members & Friends of Almost Home Foundation

Friends of Almost Home Foundation  – encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to recycle and donate their used electronics.  Bring them to your next event, or collect them yourself and ship them in for free.  Email us to learn how you can help

List of Accepted Electronics

For every smartphone or handheld electronics we collect, Almost Home Foundation receives funds. Accepted electronics include smartphones, tablets & e-readers, notebooks & laptops, iMacs, personal audio players, video game consoles, wearables, camcorders & go-pros, cameras, lenses, and flashes.  Please note we do not accept printers, tvs, radios, or other electronics unless listed.  Request a free shipping label to donate today!